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Preboarding website to welcome new employees

Year: 2020

Reference REWE Group


In addition to the existing REWE careers website, a preboarding website was to be created with the aim of underpinning the forward-looking nature of the company, presenting the corporate culture, the working environment and the team, and describing their new location in Cologne. The website was to be friendly, colorful and warm and radiate a warm welcome culture.

What we did:

Rheindigital developed the initial idea based on the friendly avatar "Marie". She welcomes new employees and provides initial tips and FAQs. The colorful start page menu conveys vitality and diversity. Employees and recruiters have their say. The mission statement and Group topics are explained in a clear and illustrated way. Micro-animations create emotionality and loyalty. Jokes and humor help reduce the new-job jitters. Useful information and a personal timeline round off the welcome package.

Rewe Onboarding website on laptop

The result:

Rheindigital provided comprehensive support for the entire project, from planning to completion. The Rheindigital team was responsible for the conception, technical development and graphic design of the entire pre-boarding website. They also handled the editorial design to ensure that all content was precisely tailored to the needs and expectations of the new employees. The project was characterized by a close collaboration with the client to create a tailor-made solution that is both functional and visually appealing and optimally aligned with the corporate culture.

Portrait Arnold Cosa

Contact person

Arnold Cosa,
Senior Social Media Manager

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