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What we stand for
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Where are we going?
our vision

Growing sustainably.
Working sustainably.

Our actions are characterized by thoughtfulness and accountability. As an independent, collaborative agency, we're always growing and looking for new opportunities to do so. Our foundation is based on market economy principles and responsibility towards society, the environment and our employees. This means clarity, respect and self-determined, quality-conscious work.

Work at home.
Feel at home.

We work as a team from any location but can always drop anchor in our offices in Cologne and Bonn, our home ports. We embrace our sense of community - both in person and remotely. This includes having fun and organizing events as well as space for personal development and creativity - with our team and for our clients.

Understanding change.
Shaping change.

We are constantly on the move, challenging ourselves and our work and venturing into uncharted territory. Together, we have already achieved a lot but we still have a lot to do. We are developing a democratic, diverse management and team culture in which all skillsets have equal rights. We create lean, fair and productive processes.

What we do
Our mission at Rheindigital

Creating tomorrow's WOW moment, today.

We help you communicate tangibly more effectively. Whether through cross-media marketing concepts or digital campaigns. Empathetic, energizing, and from all perspectives - this is how we support our clients. The result is a unique combination of design, content and communication as a compass in a fast-moving market. As creative as it is forward-looking.

As partners :
We operate with dedication and expertise.

Our work is based on data analysis, expertise, and experience. What's more, partnership and value orientation are key to everything we do. In collaboration with our clients, we achieve excellence.

To the point:
We hit the right note for every occasion.

Our work is based on data analysis, expertise, and experience. What's more, partnership and value orientation are key to everything we do. In collaboration with our clients, we achieve excellence.


Who we are
Our values

Respectful and fair
The way we treat each other is characterized by fairness, commitment and respect. We always communicate with each other as equals. These values also underpin our relationships with our clients on both sides. We handle the resources they provide responsibly and use them efficiently.
Honest and reliable
We keep our word and are binding in our communication. Our customers not only trust us to deliver the contractually agreed services, they also trust the high quality of our work. They can rely on us completely.
Engaged and curious
We learn something new every day and use it to look pragmatically and optimistically to the future. These qualities aren’t just a key part of our success, they also drive us to succeed.
Idea-driven und creative
Our creative ideas are what set us apart. That's how we achieve the best results and the most distinctive brand presence for our clients.
Nice and outgoing
Humor is a hallmark of our culture. This also means being able to laugh at ourselves. We treat everyone with kindness, support each other and listen to each other.
Diverse and responsible
We value and foster diversity, both in our team and in our collaboration with our customers. The more diverse perspectives we bring to the table, the more we grow as an agency.
Innovative and stable
We're always at the forefront of new industry trends. This means our customers get the most innovative solutions. That’s how we maintain long-term and stable client relationships.
Genuine and open
We maintain an open dialogue with each other and address issues openly. Our managers respect each person’s concerns and develop flexible and workable solutions together.
Individual and flexible
We are responsive and work in an interdisciplinary environment. This allows us to react flexibly and individually to requirements while still keeping an eye on our clients' goals and our own ambitions.
Transparent and clear
We always share knowledge with each other and share constructive feedback within our teams. From managers, to peers, to clients. We value transparecny very highly in our communication.
Appreciative and supportive
We are committed to providing feedback that is appreciative, direct, timely, and constructive. It helps our team stay motivated and our agency continue to grow and develop.
Loyal and trustworthy
As an agency, we know we can trust and rely on each other for support at all times. We don't leave each other out in the cold. No matter the team, creating the highest quality work for our clients is our common goal.