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Increasing Brand Awareness via TikTok

Year: since 2022

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To increase thier brand awareness, DHL eCommerce was looking to increase the number of followers of its channels on LinkedIn and Instagram. Instead, Rheindigital recommended generating new awareness - especially for online stores - via TikTok. The reason: many small businesses are active on TikTok and might not be familiar with DHL eCommerce's service. This made them the perfect target group.

What we did:

Rheindigital created Boxie, a mask in the shape of a DHL box with a cheerful face. Boxie was neutral in terms of gender, age, skin color and nationality with DHL's brand clearly recognizable. The idea was that the mask could be worn by a person in the TikTok videos. It also had to be taken into account that DHL eCommerce has a large follower base in many countries and the videos therefore had to be internationally understandable and fit the broad target group. The aim of the videos was to strengthen brand awareness, entertain and engage users. Rheindigital developed the ideas and storyboards for this creative task and realized the shooting and post-production up to the finished 10-second video.

The result:

The initial success started with our first "Boxie" video on TikTok. Boxie has since become the DHL eCommerce mascot. In less than a year, the new TikTok page has gained over 573,000 followers and more than 1.5 million likes. Since October 2022, Rheindigital has been producing a new TikTok video at least three times a week. That's around 150 videos a year. The most successful TikTok video ran on New Year's Eve 2022 with over 1.6 million views.

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  • 3.4 million

    Most views of one video

  • 2,800

    Most comments on one video

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Contact person

Arnold Cosa,
Senior Social Media Manager
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