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Grow, Develop, Inspire

Our mission here at Rheindigital is clearly defined and dynamically aligned

Sustainable growth

We are actively expanding our customer base and strengthening our core competencies. Our aim is to continuously grow and improve our service by systematically expanding our skills and expertise.

Developing our team

We define each role in the team precisely in order to enable and support personal growth and professional fulfillment. We look for driven people who will enrich our team.

Living diversity and creativity

We proudly showcase the diversity and creativity of our team in all our projects and initiatives. Our team shine in their creativity and represent diverse values of our agency.

Professional development & career advancement

We put people in roles where their skills can shine. We encourage professional and personal development through training courses, workshops and visits to trade fairs.


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Application process


The first contact

As soon as you send us your application, we'll take a close look at it to see if we're a good fit. If it is, our HR manager, Silke will reach out to invite you to a informal chat over Microsoft Teams.


Getting to know each other

In our first digital meeting, you'll be intorduced to SIlke and your potential new Team Lead. We like to keep this meeting informal and laid-back so that you have the chance to ask all your burning questions.


Meet & Greet

Talk about a good first impression! If both sides felt the chemistry, then it's time to dig a bit deeper. We'll invite you to come meet us in person with our Chief of Staff and Diversity Officer. Depending on the position, we might ask you to complete a short test task. This helps us to see once and for all if we're the right fit.


Sealing the deal

After we meet you, we won't keep you waiting. You'll get a timely follow-up from us, ideally with an offer! If you accept, we'll send you over you brand new contract.


Welcome on board!

At Rheindigital, you'll have a job that challenges you to learn and develop your skills. Let's push new creative boundaries together!

Melting the pot

We're all about our people. We believe in the power of diversity — because without different perspectives there can be no real innovation.

Or to put it another way: no diversity, no dice!

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Only the best for the best

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How else can we sweeten the deal? That's where our benefits come in, ranging from a company pension scheme and a job bike to contributions to a job ticket and an Urban Sports Club membership.

Look forward to maximum freedom through remote work and flexible working hours, plus an extra day's vacation on Rosenmontag, because we know how important work-life balance is.

For us, professional development is a top priority and belonging is a way of life.

We (almost) have it all... We just need you!

Kick-off your future with us:
Meet Silke, our HR representative!

"Welcome to Rheindigital! I'm Silke, your point of contact for all questions about your career with us.

I'm here to help make your first steps into our team easy and enjoyable. Any questions about jobs, the application process or Rheindigital? Just let me know.

I look forward to getting to know you, your talents and finding out how you can get started with us!"

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