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    Must-haves for any business website

    “The must-haves for any business website in 2022:
    5 megatrends, 5 fads“: 21 pages of compact practical knowledge.

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    Must-haves for any business website in 2022/23

    Not every new trend makes sense for your business, and that’s ok

    As a full-service digital communications agency, we constantly keep an eye on both lasting and fleeting web design trends. But how do you distinguish megatrends from fads? What features does a modern corporate website really need? Our design and user experience specialists say: “Design follows function and emotion.”

    The Rheindigital white paper “The must-haves for any business website in 2022/23: 5 megatrends, 5 fads” explains what this means for you in terms of corporate communications. It also contains valuable information on what expertise you can expect from your web design agency – whether artistic or technical.

    Practical web design insights

    In our white paper “The must-haves for any business website in 2022/23: 5 megatrends, 5 fads”, we explain the most important trends and their technical or design backgrounds. Whether typography, illustrations, graphic design, templates, animations, navigation or video trends: You’ll get the pros and cons within these categories that companies should know about.

    With a checklist and various dos & don’ts you’ll be able to make more informed decisions and implement the right features that you and your users really need.

    This white paper is a great starting point for any well-informed conversation about web design, whether internally or with web design companies. Good reasons for wanting to redesign your website could be:

    You are planning a cross-media campaign and find that your website looks outdated in comparison.

    • You want to implement new content and functions which go beyond the scope of your current website.
    • You want to promote a brand new service.
    • You are planning a microsite or landing page for a special occasion.
    • Analytics data indicate that your website has shortcomings.
    • Your website is outdated and/or not SEO-ready.
    • Your website only works on desktop.

    Find all the answers to the question of what features your renewed website must have in Rheindigital’s new white paper.

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