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    Rheindigital´s key tips for getting the most out of Facebook ads and building a trustworthy, compelling brand image that will stand the test of time.

    Future-proof your social media marketing, particularly on Facebook

    Trends and gimmicks may, on occasion, be an easy way to increase visibility and engagement in the short term, but if you really want to stand out as a brand and build up a reliable brand image, it‘s not enough to just jump on a social media bandwagon.

    Facebook ads in particular can be extremely unpredictable and intimidatingly difficult to navigate if you don’t have an expert on hand to guide you through the process. The stakes for Facebook marketers have never been higher. You could spend months or years building up a loyal consumer base, only to have your posts – or even your whole account – permanently deleted within the blink of an eye. This is why future-proofing your campaigns is incredibly important, no matter how big or small your business is. The image you present on social media could be the one that makes or breaks your brand.

    For successful social media marketing on Facebook, this is key:

    • a Facebook-compliant campaign,
    • know-how and empathy for your target groups and
    • an authentic, trustworthy and consistent brand image.

    Regardless of your company size: The image you convey with each publication on social media is critical for your brand´s reputation and has an impact on its success.

    Are Facebook ads right for my brand?

    Facebook is arguably the best resource advertisers have ever had, and when done right, you’ll be able to connect with your target audience more directly than ever. For more insights on specific case studies and dos & don’ts take a look at our white paper, ready for download.

    What can Facebook do for your brand?

    Scale up with Facebook, from local to global

    No matter where in the world you want to advertise your business, whether in your home city or all around the world, Facebook provides marketers with the largest targetable global audience of any social media platform.

    Engage with your audience more directly

    Facebook ads reach the largest number of users and have the highest click-through and engagement rates of ads on any social media platform. Facebook boasts an average click-through rate (CTR) of 3.06% compared to Instagram’s 0.68% or LinkedIn’s 0.39%. In fact, the average Facebook user clicks on an ad 12 times per month.

    Target new audiences and take creative risks – safely and maintaining compliance

    The fast-paced world of Facebook advertising means that marketers can easily test various types of content on a relatively low budget before they decide which ads are worth scaling. Social media experts will advise this strategy as it encourages creativity and maximizes your campaign’s profitability.

    Ready to give Facebook ads a try? Great!

    Here are Rheindigital’s top three tips to keep in mind that will help you prepare your initial tests, scale and future-proof your brand on Facebook:

    Don’t alienate your audience – this can be just as costly as non-compliance.

    Making sure your ads meet Facebook standards is just as important as not alienating your audience – both Facebook and its users have the power to promote your campaign – or get it removed.

    Avoid boring, overused ideas – get creative!

    Try out interesting, unique ideas that will make your brand’s voice stand out against your competitors’. Originality in social media marketing can, in the best-case scenario, make your campaign go viral.

    Stay authentic, gain trust!

    Be frank and honest in the way you portray your brand’s image and services. Your consumers will have the opportunity to build a higher level of trust with you and be more likely to return.

    Would you like to learn more about how exactly you can work these principles into your Facebook ad campaigns and help you reach your branding goals? Download our free white paper. Interested in the German version? Find it here.

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